A new report, “Your Future Is Ahead of You”, commissioned by Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area uses deep data analytics to show the multitude of pathways that workers can take to advance their careers.  In addition to learning new skills, workers can identify related fields that utilize their existing skills without requiring more schooling. For example, a hotel desk clerk can utilize similar skills to become a better-paid customer service representative.  Twenty (20) unique “Career Lattices” were developed for this report, which show hundreds of ways for workers to either move to a better job laterally (with existing skills) or move up the career ladder with additional education.

This report is intended for numerous audiences:

  • Students, who seek to understand what education they need to find a job;
  • Workers, who are considering additional education/training to advance their careers or want to re-apply their skills in new fields;
  • Employers, who can fulfill their talent needs by helping their existing workforce upskill or transition from related positions; and
  • Career Counselors, who want to use career lattices to help their clients advance their careers and earning potential.

The report focuses on the 41 target occupations that are approved for training subsidies from Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area.  The target occupation list can be found here:  https://workforcesolutionsrca.com/seekers/career-planning

These occupations are all found in one or more of the 20 career lattices produced in this report.  Career Lattices are based on the SkillsEngine system developed by Texas State Technical College and used by numerous colleges across Texas.  Career Lattices are also customized to reflect actual job demand in the Rural Capital Area, ensuring that a career progression doesn’t include occupations that don’t exist locally.  Local wage data and demand data was provided by Chmura Economics. The report was produced by RC Froeschle Consulting.

Visit the Career Lattice pages on RuralCapitalHeadlight.com to download the report and see graphics of all career lattices:

Career Lattices can also be found on the WSRCA website:  https://workforcesolutionsrca.com/seekers/career-planning