A new report, “Your Future Is Ahead of You”, from Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area shows the pathways that workers can take to move from entry-level positions to better paying careers.  As workers gain experience and invest in their own “lifelong learning”, more advanced positions become available to them.

For example, a person can get hired as a “Team Assembler” with only a high school diploma and go to work at a local manufacturing plant.  On-the-job training can lead to a position as a repair worker, then additional technical training of 9-12 months can move this worker in an “Industrial Machinery Mechanic” position.  This person’s salary can grow from $27,000 per year to $48,000 per year with just a few years of work and training.

With today’s labor market so tight, both workers and employers benefit from career pathways development.  Workers can advance their careers and earn higher salaries, while employers find new workers with the critical middle-skills that are so desperately needed these days.

Similar career lattice progressions are found in Health, IT, Trades, Office, and Transportation fields.  Find a list of all 20 career lattices on the Headlight website and on the Workforce Solutions website:


Career Lattice - Team Assembler